"I started seeing Dr. Blaha for my newly diagnosed autoimmune diseases. She had been highly recommended by a dear friend and has been integral in my healing. Her unique perspective and curiosity around my healing served as a guide and support system in those initial confusing weeks for me and beyond. She brought clarity, balance and knowledge when I needed it most. Dr. Blaha continues to be a touchstone for me in my life and has positively impacted my heart, body and mind in both physical and energetic ways. I could not recommend her more."

--Amanda C., Google Business review

Many of my patients have complex medical conditions. They have already been to specialists

(or are waiting to do so), but are not getting the physical or emotional relief — they crave and deserve. I can help by working on the physical, spiritual and emotional all together. We can talk about what's going on with you while I do somatic bodywork, including craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation to listen deeply to your body. I'll look for patterns, unwind restrictions and bring fresh insights and often relief starting from the very first session.

Some of my favorite clients to work with are highly-sensitive people or those looking to address the spiritual components behind their physical issues.​​

​“I originally went to see Dr. Blaha for craniosacral therapy for pain in my arm when physical therapy and conventional medicine wasn't working. I wish I had just started with her! My craniosacral sessions with Dr. Blaha are enlightening, invigorating and restful. Her intuition and energy work is always right on target for me, getting immediately to the underlying issue. I now see her to help me focus on life issues, not just physical issues...and of course, these two are so often intertwined. She truly has a gift of touch and healing. I am so grateful for her in my life."  

– Jan M.                                                                                             ​


  A few of the conditions I've worked with include:

   • Neurological conditions/Neurology

   • Trigeminal neuralgia

   • Brain inflammation

   • Brain cancer
   • Headaches/neck and shoulder pain

  •  Chiari syndrome

   • Stress/Anxiety--work, family, partners, kids, etc.
   • Releasing adhesions (post surgical, abdominal issues)

   • Chronic constipation and other gut issues

   • Autoimmune disease

   • Multiple sclerosis

   • Ehlers Danlos syndrome

   • Liver condions

   • Cardiac conditions, including atrial fibrillation

   • Trauma/Sexual abuse

   • Cancer, including stage 4

   • End-of-life for self or loved one

   • People with multiple conditions or disease processes

   • Medical mysteries--people with undiagnosed symptoms

   • Working with highly sensitive patients

   • People seeking spiritual guidance, insight or mentorship

​​​​"I am so incredibly blessed to have found Dr. Blaha! I moved here recently from Chicago where I got regular craniosacral work done and was on the hunt for a healer out here. My sessions with her keep me so aligned and balanced, my expectations were completely exceeded and continue to be as my session progress.

Dr. Blaha was able to uncover some sources to ailments that had debilitated me for years and gave me clarity and perspective that I was unable to reach on my own even through my own rigorous spiritual practices. She is truly a healer with a bright intuitive nature and I am so grateful to have found her."

—Sarah C., Yelp review​

Unwinding complex medical issues with integrative medicine.

"Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for the care I received from Dr. Blaha.
Having seen a line of traditional MDs for an acute onset of distressing neurological symptoms, I was discouraged and frightened. As I met with Dr. Blaha at our first appointment, those feelings quickly dissipated. I was immediately struck by the quality of her listening and her willingness to think outside the box. I had been told by my western trained neurologist that it could take years to diagnose a neurological condition, and I had already been placed on three different medications that only served to worsen my symptoms.
Yet, from that first appointment with Dr. Blaha I began to get well.
Looking back now at my long journey of recovery, I know without a doubt it was due, in great part, to her unique skill as a physician and that rare combination of compassion and intuition that she brings to her vocation as a healer."

– Lisa M., Google Business review                                                                                           ​