“Dr. Deb is so awesome with people. She has a great sense of picking up on people's energy and needs in the moment. It was uncanny and amazing work.”
  – Jodene Hager, LMP

“It was better than sex. A channel opened up and everything let go. Woosh.”
 – D.F.

“Earlier this year I developed a severe case of asthma and it’s been a daily struggle trying to deal with this condition and the adverse reactions to the prescription medications I had been taking. I was at the end of my rope when I came to see you and discuss alternative therapies to help heal this condition and get some much needed relief. 

After only two energy healing sessions with you, my asthma symptoms completely disappeared! The energy work that you did for me is nothing short of miraculous! I am complete off all prescription medications, and I have more energy and feel lighter and happier every day.  

Working with you has been such a pleasurable experience and has contributed to profound shifts in many areas of my life. You are an extraordinary naturopath and intuitive energy healer and I wholeheartedly recommend you to everyone!  I’m looking forward to continuing our sessions together.”
 – Peace & Blessings, Maggie S.​​


"When I started seeing you for craniosacral therapy is when my MS (multiple sclerosis) really turned around. I discovered that I didn't need my main MS medication anymore and my MS is under control to the point that it really doesn't impact my life. You have changed my life for the better and I can never fully express my gratitude for what your expertise has done for me. Thank you for helping me get my life back." 
 – Judy Hastings  

“Dr. Blaha is a rare breed. She is a caring and intuitive medical professional that helped me beyond my expectations, reviving my hope in getting well and living again with intent and quality of life goals in each session. Dr. Blaha has always been able to hone in on what my body needs, wants, or is missing. This talent, coupled with her ability to share her ideas, listen to my thoughts and share concerns makes for a mutual step forward always in sight. She is a gift and saved my life and I recommend her expertise and compassion to anyone looking for safe, natural ways of healing from the inside out.”

– Melyssa Harmon

“When I first went to see Deb, I was a mess. I was really depressed. Having lost both my parents at a fairly young age, I was unable to let go of the deep sadness I was carrying. After one session on Deb's table, I was completely transformed! Through focused energy work and guided therapeutic conversation, she was able to help me let go of so many years of sadness.  

Nothing has been able to help me get down to the root of my problems like Dr. Deb. Every time I leave her studio, I have more clarity about my life situation and am better equipped to handle whatever stress comes up. She helps me feel centered and grounded and I could not recommend her highly enough! Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Deb! You will be very glad you did!”                                                            
 – Elena D., Yelp review 

Thank you for permission to use your reviews. It's been a pleasure working with all of you!

"This review is long over due. Dr. Deb helped me at a really difficult time in my life and I can't say enough about how wonderful it was to work with her. She is a very caring, intuitive, and loving person. I immediately felt comfortable telling her my story and she didn't shy away from the scary or hard stuff. I highly recommend her if you're having a hard time with any part of your life and you need help getting unstuck. Her work is amazing and I'm so grateful to have met her."                                                   
– Andrea J., Yelp review     

"I had my first session with Dr. Blaha a little over a year ago when I was in a place of fear and desperately wanted help breaking the cycle. I knew I needed to make some changes in order to counteract any negative impacts that the fearful thoughts might be having on my health and wellbeing. I was ready to start my journey of healing. 

"My time with Dr. Blaha has been life changing!  I am in a completely different place than I was when I first starting seeing her.  She has helped me change my perspective on so many things, create healthier thoughts, release stress and trauma, and get back to living my life from a place of love instead of from a place of fear.  

I am physically feeling so much better (considerably less pain), I have more energy, I'm far less stressed and much less impacted by it, I'm sleeping more soundly, my relationships are greatly improved... I am calm and HAPPY again! I have my life back!  She continues to help me work through challenges and issues as they arise, whether they are trivial or appear daunting. She has been such a bright light in my life. I am forever grateful for her unique gifts and caring soul. It has been easy to recommend her to friends and family since they can see the positive changes in me."                                            

 – A.S., Yelp review

"Doctor Blaha is the real deal. She is down-to-earth, intuitive, and empathic. Her demeanor puts people at ease and she is talented in the work she does. I found her to be especially helpful in a postpartum period of my life when I was adjusting to a new phase of motherhood. Her studio is inviting and comfortable. I always felt like I had just visited a spa or gotten a great massage after our sessions. She really helped me tackle some obstacles in my life. If you're looking for some guidance, medical intuitive energy work, reiki, or energy balancing, you won't be disappointed if you choose Doctor Blaha."​
 – Mimi T., Yelp review  

“Dr. Blaha has given me the chance to heal and become a healthier person. She brings to the table a warm energy to help one relax, along with a deep respect towards the mind, body and spirit, by knowing that the body wants to achieve balance and health. Her knowledge is topped only by her passion to help people achieve better health. For this reason, I hold Dr. Blaha in the highest regard.”  
 – Alana Meyer

"Dr. Blaha has been a pleasure of work with and I saw immediate improvement. We relate well together and her insights resonate with me."                                                      

----Healthgrades review

“Dr. Deb Blaha is a miracle worker! I have been suffering with some issues with my Sensory Processing Disorder and recently saw her to see if she could help me out. Her advice and energy work made my symptoms pretty much disappear. I would totally recommend seeing her."      

 – Shannon 

“When a repressed traumatic memory from my childhood surfaced and threatened to wreck me emotionally, Dr. Deb Blaha was my lifeline. She taught me how to talk to the scared kid hiding deep inside me, and helped me make sense of it all. What I’m certain would have taken months, if not years, in traditional “talk therapy” was resolving after just two sessions with Dr. Deb. Now, a few months away from having that memory shock me out of my slumber, I can talk about it calmly, and without anxiety. Amazing. Thanks Dr. Deb!”                                                                                                                   

 – Dee W.     


"I want to let you know how much good your treatment did for me. I hurt my back and hips in some way – a muscle spasm perhaps but awfully bad. I had to drive alone from Boston to Philadelphia the next day to see my father in a nursing home and there was no way I could do it. You were so kind and generous to give me a treatment on my back. It so much relieved my pain that I was able to make the drive and got to see my father again before he passed away a day later. I have always remembered how you helped me and wished that you lived closer so that I could get more treatments when I need them!"
 – Chris Grudinskas


“I went to see Dr. Blaha for energy balancing. My upper back was so tight, and I felt like I was in a holding pattern with stress in my body. After my first session with Dr. Blaha I felt more relaxed, I was breathing deeper, and I felt much less tightness in my body. I'm almost anxious for my next appointment because I know I'm going to feel even better! I highly recommend Deb, her work is very powerful.”
– Karen Floyd 



“I don’t know what she does, but she’s really good at it. I always feel better leaving then when I came in.”   

– S.V.

“I chose to work with Dr. Deb after reading her Yelp reviews and want to spread the word as it has been spread to me. Deb is remarkable. Her sense of humor perfectly balances her direct approach to the issues upon which I am working. She is very insightful and offers a strong, guiding hand that I feel encouraged to follow. A session of note: I walked out the door of Deb’s ‘office’ and no longer felt a burning anger that had festered for years. Period. I couldn’t conger up the feeling even when I tried .... and then I just stopped trying, since that seemed counter-productive (duh.). I recommend Deb most highly.”
  – Martha J., Yelp review  

“Deb Blaha is an extraordinary healer, able to to get to the root of your issue with amazing accuracy and insights, allowing for profound healing.  She is no ordinary ND - she definitely goes beyond with her amazing gift!  Not only that, she is a lot of fun to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for relief and guidance regarding any health issue.”  

– Nicole Wane, Yelp review  

"I have been seeing Dr. Deb Blaha for couple weeks now and I might say that, I feel like I have met a friend. She is awesome! At first I was so nervous because I had never done it before. But when I heard highly about her from other people I wanted to try. She made me feel so comfortable. And I felt so peaceful when I walked inside her office. She is indeed a friend. And only from my first visit my husband could see a a great change in me. I am so thankful for Dr. Deb!"      
--Teddy H., Yelp review​

"Hi! I wanted to share. I had a big meeting today and it went well. In a way, it helped me showcase, to myself, that I need to trust my voice and believe in myself. You have played a big role in helping me. Thank you, thank you!                
   – A. H.

"I came to see Dr. Blaha for a painful arm injury. I wasn’t sure what to expect not being very familiar with energy work, but Dr. Blaha completely put me at ease. She answered every question with candor and humor. On that very first visit I had immediate relief. I actually felt the pain pop like a discharge of static electricity—amazing! 

I returned to work on several other physical issues and received the same relief. I left every appointment feeling as relaxed as if I’d just had a spa treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Blaha’s services to anyone looking for an effective, non-invasive treatment option."
 – Cate McCarran, Kenmore, WA

“As a trained massage therapist and avid holistic medicine consumer, I have had my share of energy work and body work. I sought Deb Blaha out recently after a recommendation from a friend who said that she "turned her life around" by making changes that were instigated and supported by Deb's work.

I very much enjoy and appreciate the emotional relief I receive from a treatment with Deb.  What surprises me is that the physical improvement is just as noticeable. Deb's ability to help me release stored stress provides the most physical change I have ever experienced from a energy work session. For me, the combination of thoughtful dialogue and relaxing physical work is something I've been looking for and hoping to find for a long time.

I wholeheartedly recommend the healing skills of Deb Blaha. Her tremendous combination of energy work and counseling provides a spa for the spirit. I saw her recently and wooop my world was turned around completely. Dark mood lethargy was lifted and light energy remained. As my 2-year old son would say, "Thumb Ups!". She has a great, comfortable office in LFP, right next to the Burke Gilman trail.”
 – Naomi M., Yelp review


"Dr. Blaha is an amazing, compassionate, and insightful healer! I've had 4 or 5 sessions with Dr. Blaha now and I look forward to the sessions all week. The beauty of working with Dr. Blaha is that there is nothing she can't help you with. Sessions with Dr. Blaha are a sort of discovery process for me - I never know exactly what we're going to work on but I always leave feeling more peaceful and integrated. I feel so confident knowing I have such a capable healer to help me work through any emotional hurdles in my life, of which there are a lot as a new medical student.

Since seeing Dr. Blaha, I've experienced definite improvements in my well-being, and I've been able to finally shed some frustrating negative patterns. It's so great knowing that even if I don't know why I'm feeling off, Dr. Blaha will be able to figure it out.

If you're looking for a new healer in your life, go see Dr. Blaha! You won't regret it =)"

 – Timothy C., Yelp review

​"Doctor Blaha is wonderful. She creates a safe space to just be and connect. I've come into sessions at various levels emotionally, physically and energetically. Every time I leave I feel better for my time with her."                                                                

 – Nikki O., Yelp review


"When we found ourselves with a terribly sick newborn that traditional medical interventions were not helping, we were searching high and low for someone who might be able to help us. Dr. Deb came to us in our darkest time of need. She worked her magic and created sacred space for us to have with our baby and each other.

During our time I found a profound sense of peace and connection with my family. It's hard to put words to what happened between us during our sessions but we created a spiritual agreement, a bond, that even once our sweet baby had left this world has held us tight.

During my subsequent pregnancy, I was having extreme anxiety and insomnia. I looked up Dr. Deb and saw her as soon as I could. I walked out of our first session without that horrible butterfly feeling in my stomach that I had carried so long and slept more than I had in months. A fun side note is that she predicted we would have a girl and how she would be born! Dr. Deb has a unique touch and ability to help heal and re-direct the energy in your mind and body. I can't recommend her enough."              

– Alicia T.