Energy Medicine.

"To me energy medicine is exciting– because anything is possible. And with that possibility comes the ability for real, lasting, super-exciting change."  

Energy medicine has long been recognized by indigenous and Eastern cultures, but working with subtle energy is only recently being detected, studied, and used by Western medicine.

Lots of things can fall under the category of energy medicine: reiki, acupuncture, yoga, shamanic healing, homeopathy and hands-on-touch.

For me – I can see and feel the subtle energy fields and vibration in and around a person. I use my hands to sense where energy is dense or not moving as it should. I then work with you to help understand and "read" the emotional, spiritual or physical blocks that are getting in the way of optimal health. Usually by talking and shifting the energy at the same time. 

I have found this work to be the most powerful work that I do.