Phone rates and insurance.

My phone rates:

$140 per 45-minute phone call. 

Follow-up phone calls with existing clients are available at:

$100 for 30-minute phone call or

$140 for 45-minute phone call

I am unable to charge insurance for any phone work. 

Please let me know you want to set up a phone appointment when you contact me.

Spiritual and Intuitive guidance —

phone appointments available!

With many out-of-state / out-of-country people asking  for a way to work with me, I'm now offering a limited number of phone appointments. These are also available as a convenient way for local people who are unable to make my office hours!

​ With phone calls, I provide:

​--Spititual guidance--I love working with people to help them get into deeper states of consciousness and explore their spirituality. Also to help gain clarity and insight into their experiences. 

--Intuitive guidance or life coaching to help people gain clarity on a number of issues:  relationships, work, family, self, life balance. 

Also, feel free to ask about my mini-transformational package!