The way I approach counseling combined with bodywork is you lie on a massage table fully dressed. Using light touch, I feel the vibration of depression, discomfort, grief, frustration, overwhelm or whatever is bothering you in your body.

You can talk or not talk as I offer my intuitive insights and help you with the process of letting go. As you shift these emotions out of your body, things become more fluid and enjoyable.   

I also work with lots of people in more of a life coach role, where I help them to gain clarity around work, relationships, family, big decisions, etc. Since some of my clients are out-of-state or unable to make office hours. I offer these services via phone and zoom as well as in person. 

 I help people with clarity and resolution around:
  • Spiritual growth

  • Life transitions

  • Relationship and family issues
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Work stress or transition
  • Emotional impact of health issues  

  • Letting go of physical and emotional trauma

Advantages of counseling combined with bodywork

The majority of clients need less sessions than they do with traditional counseling, saving time and money. 

It’s also more relaxing, and I believe—fun! Even with extremely difficult situations there can often be laughing and relief at the joy of letting things go or the absurdity of a situation. Most people feel better after each session. 

I am also open to working on physical issues, that are bothering you, during the same session. 

What is counseling combined with bodywork?

While traditional counseling can be helpful, it puts a lot of focus on talking, thinking and processing. Unfortunately most of us think too much as it is—believe me I know! The real goal is to get out of your head and to release the difficult emotions from your body.