I offer non-steroidal, homeopathic injections that are highly effective for treating various pain, arthritic, inflammation and lymph conditions. Generally these homeopathic injectable solution are dilute microdoses of plants or minerals given intramuscularly in one or more small injection sites.

One of the homeopathic injectables known as Zeel reduces chronic inflammation in the body, not by suppression, but by promoting the natural biological healing process. Zeel, unlike many of its anti-inflammatory counterparts, does not have negative gastrointestinal effects, does not thin the blood like NSAIDS and has no adverse drug interactions, but does reduce pain and inflammation. Traumeel is also used for acute inflammation, sprains, strains and achy muscles. 

​Both Zeel and Traumeel are highly effective in reducing pain and inflammation related to fibromyalgia.

​I am currently offering the following injections: 

  Zeel: “Nature’s Anti-Inflammatory for Chronic Pain”
   •Chronic inflammation
   • Osteoarthritis pain
   • Rheumatoid arthritis pain

   • Fibromyalgia

 Neuralgo-Rheum “Nature’s Nerve Tonic”
  • Nerve based pain (sharp, burning, stinging, numbness and shooting pain)
  • Symptoms of herniated discs
  • Sciatica

  Traumeel “Nature’s Anti-inflammatory”
   •  Strains or sprains, other injuries, post-surgical healing
   • Chronic muscle pain
   • Acute inflammation 
   • Muscular conditions (tightness, soreness, stiffness and achiness)
   • Fibromyalgia​

  Lymphomyosot “Nature’s Anti-Edema Medicine”
  • Acute injury, strains or sprains with swelling
   • Edema
   • Circulatory problems
   • Degenerative conditions
   • Detox

Homeopathic Injectable Therapy.