"​​Doctor Blaha is incredibly talented in so many ways. She's very intuitive, empathetic and caring and she has an amazing ability to figure out what is most helpful for that time. She is also especially gifted at seeing things from a completely different point of view which really helps give you a new perspective. I also love that she does cranial sacral and she is able to make minor adjustments that make a big difference throughout the body. I highly recommend her!"

 – Jessica P., Facebook review

Craniosacral is a form of bodywork that uses light touch to unwind restrictions and bring the body back into alignment and balance. I combine this with visceral manipulation to work on the digestive system and other organs wanting attention. I have been practicing craniosacral as a primary focus in my practice for the last 20 years. Some of my favorite clients to work with are highly-sensitive people, those with complex medical issues, or those looking to address the spiritual components behind their physical issues.

People who enjoy reiki, often find craniosacral therapy even more satisfying! As I combine spiritual elements, gentle touch and unwinding with deep medical knowledge. 

Patient reviews:

​“I originally went to see Dr. Blaha for craniosacral therapy for pain in my arm when physical therapy and conventional medicine wasn't working. I wish I had just started with her! My craniosacral sessions with Dr. Blaha are enlightening, invigorating and restful. Her intuition and energy work is always right on target for me, getting immediately to the underlying issue. I now see her to help me focus on life issues, not just physical issues...and of course, these two are so often intertwined. She truly has a gift of touch and healing. I am so grateful for her in my life."  

– Jan M.                                                                                             ​

 A few of the conditions I treat with craniosacral therapy include:
    • Working with highly sensitive patients

    • Complicated or chronic medical conditions that are not resolving

    • Spiritual component behind physical issues

    • People seeking spiritual guidance, insight or mentorship

   • Cardiac conditions, including atrial fibrillation

   • Neurological conditions

    • Sinusitis
   • Headaches/neck and shoulder pain

   • Stress
   • Releasing adhesions (post surgical, abdominal issues)


​​​"I am so incredibly blessed to have found Dr. Blaha! I moved here recently from Chicago where I got regular craniosacral work done and was on the hunt for a healer out here. My sessions with her keep me so aligned and balanced, my expectations were completely exceeded and continue to be as my session progress.

Dr. Blaha was able to uncover some sources to ailments that had debilitated me for years and gave me clarity and perspective that I was unable to reach on my own even through my own rigorous spiritual practices. She is truly a healer with a bright intuitive nature and I am so grateful to have found her."

—Sarah C., Yelp review​

Craniosacral Therapy for Stress Reduction and Complicated Medical Conditions, Lake Forest Park