We all know, at this point, the mind and body are not separate. But traditional counseling is pretty much—mind . . . mind . . . mind . . . mind . . .  

With my work, I feel and release what’s going on in your body at the same time as we're talking. So you get to relax comfortably on a massage table (fully dressed) and receive bodywork—a big plus for most people! As I use energy medicine (similar to reiki), craniosacral therapy or visceral manipulation as we talk to explore and release whatever issues are bringing you in for counseling. 

For example, I might help release the tension in your abdomen as you’re talking about a big decision. Or aching around your heart, connected with a relationship. Or jaw pain as you try to release old patterns. 

I also draw from my rich spiritual background and intuitive insights, to move though things in a way that is fluid, fun and brings relief and lasting change.

The majority of clients need less sessions than they do with traditional counseling, saving time and money. 

It’s also more relaxing, and I believe—fun! Even with extremely difficult situations, there can often be laughing and relief at the joy of letting things go or the absurdity of a situation. Most people feel better after each session. 

I am also open to working on physical issues, and happy to share things I've learned and teach what I know during the sessions. 

 I work with adults to gain clarity and resolution around:
  • Spiritual growth

  • Life transitions

  • Grounding, adaptation and positivity in the times of change

  • Emotional impact of health concerns  
  • Relationship and family issues
  • Work stress or transition

  • Loss of a loved one/terminal illness

​  • Letting go of physical and emotional trauma

 •  Health issues, especially complex ones that aren't resolving with traditional care

 • I also specialize in helping the helpers and see several therapists, mental health professionals, nurses, ND's, MD's etc. 

 (I do not work with addiction or people struggling with suicide.)

(I do not prescribe medication.)


A warm welcome to LGBTQIA+, BIPOC patients and people of all 

spiritual and religious belief systems. 

Counseling and energy medicine

combined with bodywork

Advantages of counseling combined with bodywork